Outsourced Safety Department

We believe that the best safety programs are the ones built on long-term relationships. Such relationships are based on routine communications, consistent interactions, trust, and personal relationships. To aid customers who seek to holistically improve their safety program over the long term, we often recommend the utilization of our services as your outsourced safety department. Within this model, your company receives a set amount of hours of safety services a month in which we audit, assess, manage, and work to improve the safety program in place at your business.

We are consistently available to respond to your needs and emergencies in the moment while simultaneously working to proactively improve your safety culture in the long-term. We use these opportunities to get to know your company, connect with your team, and built lasting partnerships in which safety is a common goal. Such a balance gives you the ability to focus on big picture safety goals while also having a team in place to manage immediate and pressing safety concerns.

Outsource Your Safety Program with ESR

Let Our Team of Professionals Become Yours

When ESR is your safety department, you receive access to our full team of our experienced, bilingual, credentialled, and degreed safety professionals. Every member of our team becomes a member of yours, equipping you with a large and well-rounded safety department ready to manage and maintain every aspect of your safety program (including document generation, field inspections, training, recordkeeping, incident response, case management, and more). Our focus on continual improvement is driven by our desire to prevent incidents and injuries in your workplace and help your employees return home safely to their families each day. We believe that continuous connection and conversations help to foster meaningful and personal relationships, resulting in successful safety programs and safety cultures.

Customizable Safety Packages

With a vast and well-equipped safety department at your fingertips, you are not limited to the personal limitations of a single safety professional – depending upon your needs, you will be provided with an expert who excels in that exact area. While somedays this may mean being serviced by our bilingual field team, other days it may mean receiving the writing skills of one of our degreed authors or the training capabilities of one of our certified professionals. With ESR as your safety team, you are always prepared to have the right professional available and ready to serve.

Evolution Safety Resources Outsourced Safety Department

While the services provided with our outsourced safety department package are completely customizable and based upon the needs of your business, they often times include:

To build a strong safety program, it is important to work with a safety company that understands not just what you do, but how you do it and what you hope to accomplish long term. Contact ESR today to take the first step in building a long-term and beneficial safety partnership.

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