Jobsite Safety Inspections & Mock OSHA Inspections

Monitoring safety in the field (where hazards and risks are most present) is a critical component of any well-rounded safety program. Through the use of job site safety inspections, companies are able to identify risks in their work environments and make meaningful corrective actions before injuries or incidents ever occur.

The safety experts at Evolution Safety Resources have the proven experience and education necessary to identify hazards, assess and prioritize risk, and provide best-in-class solutions for any safety concerns detected.

Don’t go blind to the everyday hazards your team is exposed to – let us identify potential issues and help you protect your workers.

Be Safe with ESR

Continual Inspections, Continual Improvement

Wouldn’t it be helpful to know how often your electrical cords are frayed, which of your superintendents have the best safety performance, and exactly how frequently equipment isn’t inspected as required? Standardized and routine safety inspections, like the ones performed by the safety professionals at ESR, allow for the identification of patterns. This pattern identification is critical in recognizing risk and preventing injuries before they occur.

By using technology and analytics, our company is able to identify commonalities of risk found in your work environments. Those risks can be further sorted based on inspection scores, job site location, project superintendent, hazard category, and more.

The collection of data maintained for your company is routinely assessed and presented to you for review so that strategic decisions regarding risk management at your business can be made. The impact of these decisions is tracked and assessed via ongoing support and safety monitoring.

Interested in having the safety professionals at ESR perform job site safety inspections for your business? We have a deep bench of experts who are experienced in various industries, languages, and areas of expertise.

Evolution Safety Resources Jobsite Safety

Mock OSHA Inspections

When OSHA arrives on your job site, you want to be confident in your processes and prepared for what’s to come. A mock inspection with Evolution Safety Resources helps to identify weaknesses in your program and performance prior to OSHA citations and fines. By highlighting areas of concern and recommending meaningful and targeted improvements, our team will help you to be prepared should an OSHA inspector arrive on site.

The main goal of the inspection is to assist you in identifying workplace safety and health hazards and safety procedures that are out of compliance with OSHA rules and regulations.

By auditing every aspect of your job site safety (from on-site operations to relevant training records, policies, and injury/illness logs), our safety professionals provide insight into areas of exposure regarding OSHA safety regulations.

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