Long Term Staffing

At Evolution Safety Resources, we understand how challenging it can be to find highly-qualified and professional safety employees. If you don’t have the time and money to invest in training new employees and want to be able to have a staff that is ready to hit the ground running, we can provide long-term staffing solutions.

As an industry leader, we have access to top talent and we are able to quickly place that talent on your team. Don’t waste time on the recruitment and training process. Partner with ESR to enjoy the best in experienced safety professionals, whether your role is full-time, long term, or a temporary site-staffing position.

Add a Safety Pro to Your Team

Full-Time Safety Staff Available

Through our on-site staffing services, we provide assistance on projects which require a full-time, safety representative. Rather than designating a member of your team for this role, keep your professionals focused on their area of expertise and allow us to focus on ours.

By bringing in an ESR expert to staff a project full time, you are guaranteed the highest degree of professionalism, expertise, and focus on all safety centric matters which may arise on site.

Evolution Safety Resources Long Term Staffing

Fill Your Immediate Safety Needs

Our staffing services allow you to fill immediate needs. If you need to quickly roll out new safety procedures or you have suddenly lost a key member of your safety team, our staffing solutions can help you stay on track. You can rest assured that all of our experts have received the best in industry training and will be able to quickly integrate into your team for a seamless transition. Instead of risking employee safety or having to slow down production while you go through the hiring process, simply call ESR for an immediate solution to your staffing gaps.

Cutting Edge Training & Technology

Through the utilization of technology, we track our findings on site each day, identify patterns, and make meaningful corrections before incidents or injuries can occur. Hiring a member of our team to be a member of yours is a great way to ensure your project is safe, employees are trained, issues are handled, and on-site safety documentation is managed effectively.

No matter what your staffing needs, turn to ESR to help you find the right solution. To speak with one of our staffing specialists, give Evolution Safety Resources a call today at (919) 858-6781 or fill out our contact form.

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