Third-Party Safety Program Auditing

Continual improvement is a cornerstone of all impactful safety programs. Only through regularly assessing performance, identifying opportunities for improvement, making corrective actions, and assessing corrective outcomes are companies able to truly grow and improve.

Equipped with this knowledge, Evolution Safety Resources offers third-party safety program auditing as a key component of our services. During these audits, our safety experts assess your company’s safety program to help you identify program strengths, program weaknesses, and areas of opportunity.

By auditing every aspect of your safety program (from reviewing on-site operations and safety documentation to conducting employee interviews and safety perception surveys), our safety professionals provide insight into areas of exposure regarding OSHA safety regulations as well as industry best practices.

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Comprehensive Safety Audits

A third-party safety program audit is a helpful tool in assessing and understanding the impact of every single component of your safety program, from planning and documentation to operations and review. These audits are very powerful in proactively identifying risk so that adjustments can be made before costly incidents and injuries occur. Common components of our third-party safety program audits include:

  • Management leadership
  • Worker participation
  • Planning
  • Support
  • Implementation and operation
  • Physical hazard analysis
  • Safety manual review
  • Employee perception surveys, etc.
Evolution Safety Resources Third Party Safety

We Audit Both New & Established Safety Programs

A third-party safety program audit with ESR is a great tool for companies starting to build their safety program as well as companies with established programs in place.

New programs will benefit from learning the greatest risks associated with their work, thus prioritizing hazards and areas of operation which should be tackled first. In addition, through the identification of program strengths, they will learn which areas are already impactful and do not require revision. Mature safety systems will appreciate the outside opinion our audit provides, ensuring that no program component is overlooked. The ideals of continual improvement can only be met when safety performance is regularly evaluated and assessed.

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