Safety and health training spans a lot of categories – with topics ranging from basic awareness through managerial expertise and leadership, ESR understands that each company has unique needs when they enter a learning environment. Our trainers have the experience, personalities, and credentials required to perform training that is top-level and meaningful to your daily operations.

With a focus on retention and engagement, our instructors seek to involve your leaders in the learning process so that managers can learn from one another while also learning from an expert in the field.

While the list below includes some of the most often requested safety topics, it is not all-encompassing:

  • Building and Maintaining Safety Management Systems
  • Safety Communication Best Practices
  • Creating Safety Cultures
  • Site Inspection Tutorials
  • Best Practices of Incident Investigations, etc.

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Management buy-in is a critical component of safety program success – with that in mind, managerial training is important to ensure safety always remains a top priority for your leadership team. Contact Evolution Safety Resources today to learn more about the managerial safety training courses we provide and how we can assist your business. We offer training in person, online, and in various languages to meet your needs.