Written safety and health programs are a key component of your business’ safety success. By documenting safety expectations and organizing safety processes, your safety manual lays the foundation for your company’s safety culture. Your written safety manual should be a user-friendly and often utilized tool that helps workers at all levels of your business understand what is expected of them regarding safe work performance. When well drafted, a strong safety manual has the power to present your company as strong, professional, and best-in-class to others.

Our team seeks to understand your needs, your operations, and your procedures first before generating your safety manual. This process ultimately provides you with a customized document that matches other processes and expectations already in place at your business.

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Evolution Safety Resources Safety Manual Generation

Safety Manuals that Exceed OSHA Requirements

Safety manuals produced by the safety authors at Evolution Safety Resources meet and exceed OSHA requirements. Our manuals seek to make safety information readily accessible to all employees – unique user features such as click to touch functionality allow your workers to navigate the document easily on their phones, tablets, or laptops simply by clicking on the appropriate chapter in the table of contents.

In addition, our table of contents automatically adjusts to reflect when information is added or deleted, giving your team the power to make changes and disseminate them quickly when needed most. Our dynamic manuals are designed to be commonly used and easily adjusted, giving your safety program the power to grow and pivot alongside your business rather than simply sitting on a shelf.

If your manual is not meeting your needs (or if you do not have a manual in place), consider contacting Evolution Safety Resources to generate a custom, branded, and user-friendly document. You can reach us by calling (919) 858-6781 or by filling out our contact form.