At Evolution Safety Resources, our team understands that your company must be safe as well as profitable. We strongly believe that the best workplace safety program is the one that works for you – a program that reflects your business model, corporate goals, personal preferences, and current procedures. To help you achieve the highest level of workplace safety, we provide customized safety solutions to fit your business as well as your budget.

By creating fully customized plans, we are able to provide targeted and effective safety programs and solutions so that you don’t waste time or money on unnecessary efforts. Our approach to well-rounded safety includes helping employees develop practical skills while also changing the company culture, helping you experience a maximum return on your investment.

ESR offers services spanning custom program development, on-site staffing, safety training, ISNetworld/Avetta compliance, safety auditing, and more. Using our real-life experience and top level training, Evolution Safety Resources creates safety management systems that result in far more than regulatory compliance and reduced incident rates. Byproducts of our safety-focused cultures include improved quality, higher employee retention, improved customer service, and ultimately increased profits. We provide bilingual services (English/Spanish), travel across the globe, and offer online resources to meet the needs of our clients.

If your safety training programs haven’t been producing the results you want, it is time to contact ESR. Our unique approach to safety and ongoing support will help you get on the right track, quickly onboard new employees, and adapt as regulations and the workplace environment evolve.

Not sure where to begin?  Let us perform a review, determine your needs, and develop a strategy that is tailored to your business. Call Evolution Safety Resources today to take the first step in revolutionizing your safety process and see why we are the industry’s trusted leader in workplace safety.

“Safety should never be compromised. From people to process, we are here to help create safer environments for everyone to work in.”

(Tim Neubauer, President)