OSHA inspected your job site and issued your company a citation – now what? Did you know that you have a maximum of 15 days to respond and/or contest, otherwise citations become final? After an OSHA interaction, do not hesitate to call the Evolution Safety Resources team so that immediate action can be taken.

Our team of safety experts have years of experience working with OSHA professionals – let us guide you through the response process, draft meaningful communications, and create a customized corrective action response plan for any prominent findings. Our efforts have proven successful in reducing costs, getting citations dismissed, and creating meaningful improvements in areas of exposure for our customers.

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Evolution Safety Resources OSHA Responsive

If you have recently been inspected by OSHA (or if an OSHA inspector has recently arrived at your job site), contact Evolution Safety Resources for a free phone consultation. We are happy to guide you through the next steps and assist you during this time.