If you are engaged in legal matters regarding your safety performance, an expert legal witness is a valuable resource. Expert legal witnesses within the safety arena are specialists in the occupational safety and health field who have the ability to conduct incident investigations, generate professional and legally sound documents, advise on claim management/litigation practices, and even take the stand to give their expert opinion.

When selecting an expert legal witness for your team, it is important to consider their knowledge in the field as well as their credentials and education – oftentimes, expert witnesses are discredited for not having the appropriate certifications, years of experience, and more.

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Evolution Safety Resource Expert Legal Witness

The top-level professionals at Evolution Safety Resources have proven time and time again that they are capable of providing technical expertise and legally sound testimony during these events. Because our professionals are experienced, certified, degreed, and credentialled, they are able to truly speak on safety matters from a well-rounded and educated perspective.

If your company is involved in legal matters and a safety expert is needed, reach out to Evolution Safety Resources. We will provide you with a free consultation as you navigate your options and determine your future course of action.