Safety Program Field Services

Successfully implementing new safety processes and procedures is an ongoing project that requires regular assessments. That is why Evolution Safety Resources offers safety field services that include on-site consultations and jobsite safety inspections. Our experts continue to evaluate whether safety protocols are being followed and make suggestions for improvements.

Even if you run a small business, implementing changes in your safety program can take time. Employees need to learn new skills, become familiar with processes, and develop new habits. Proper training can certainly start a project correctly, but follow-up evaluations can also play an important role in making sure that practical training is being put to use in the field. Our field inspections gather the data needed to identify trends of unsafe behavior and make on-site corrections before incidents or costly injuries occur.

Putting an ESR expert on your front-line provides employees with a helpful and knowledgeable resource. Whenever questions arise, employees will know exactly where to turn and avoid making guesses about safety procedures. Providing an on-site safety consultant also allows your team members to cultivate a lasting relationship that will strengthen the company’s culture of safety over time. Taking advantage of our on-site consultation field services is an effective way to prevent incidents and costly mistakes.

ESR’s job-site inspections are a great tool that can help you evaluate whether safety regulations are being correctly followed. Based on the findings, you can begin to understand the roadblocks to successful implementation, and we can help create targeted solutions. By continuing to evaluate performance and make improvements, you can also prevent your team from becoming complacent when it comes to enacting safety procedures.

If you have already developed and implemented a safety program, it is time to take the next step and evaluate your progress. Our on-site consultation and job-site inspection services will allow you get a clear view of what is happening in the field and how your processes are translating to day-to-day tasks. Call ESR today to get started.